Back to Practice

After several months off from their challenging Season 7, the Brawlers are back to practice. Having the opportunity to skate in several of their favorite gyms and local business such as the Black Hawk County YMCA in Waterloo and Gym 24 in Waverly, the team is working on getting their skate legs back under them.

But the off-season hasn’t been a break for everyone. The team has brought on a few new recruits since we last saw them in June. These new skaters have been learning the fundamentals of skating and the rules of the game, with the hope of being ready for their veteran teammates to come back from a well-deserved rest. Coach Flash, Captain Dani Debeato, and the rest of the Brawlers are gearing up for a tough Season 8 full of new challenges and new opportunities.

For more information about the Cedar Valley Roller Derby adult, all-female competitive flat track roller derby team, please consult their Facebook page.

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